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Ride Everything

We stand for a love of bicycles
All bicycles
MTB, Road, Track, Cyclocross, BMX, Commuter, Hack
It's all about the ride.
So this is Morvélo.
Clothing inspired by bicycles, the culture and the simple joy that it brings.

How did it start?

With £500 and a few t-shirts in the summer of 2009. After 25+ years of racing all types of bikes, we (that's Oli Pepper and Dave Marcar) felt that we should take this passion for cycling and combine it with our years of graphic design experience for global sports, entertainment and lifestyle brands. Our frustration was there wasn't a brand that encompassed cycling in all it's forms, with its rich and varied culture. The Morvelo way encourages starting from one corner of the bike world and then spread out to explore the others. Before you know it you have a whole shed full of different bikes to take you on different journeys. The pure elegance of track, the speed of road, the challenge of cyclocross and the dirt of MTB. It's all about the ride. Morvelo is independently owned, financed by the people who love bicycles - our customers.

What do we do?

First and foremost we are, as our name suggests, a clothing company. We design and produce an increasingly distinctive and diverse range of bicycle apparel from the casual to the high performance and even the gaps in between with our technical cycling tees. Our philosophy is to combine bike culture with pop culture. To explore themes that run through the cycling world and combine them with the wider influence of sport, art, music, fashion and film. Great looking clothing is one thing but the bike world is also naturally full of riding. This is why we also conceive and organise cycling events like the much lauded Brighton Big Dog, instant hit Spin Up In A Brewery, groundbreaking CityCross and unique Battle Royale. As artists and designers, collaborations are an important part of our creativity, from the world's biggest cycle race The Tour de France, iconic London cycle cafe Look Mum No Hands, award winning brewery Dark Star Brew Co, highly respected outdoors brand Alpkit, frame builders The Bicycle Academy, carbon wheel specialists Reynolds Wheels and spray paint artists Aroe MSK and Death Spray Custom amongst others. The Morvelo philosophy isn't constrained by clothing. It's a mindset that encourages diversity, exploration, challenges and a desire to thrash the hell out of two wheels.

What's with the card suits?

As you may have seen on our Unity clothing, and also on the embossed neck tape in all our jerseys, we use card suits as a graphic device to represent our ethos. These icons together embody the two key elements of diversity and chance. Riding and racing all type of bikes and the willingness to gamble. Whether it's launching a race winning move, finding a new line, getting into a break, or hitting that drop-off you've been building up to for weeks, taking a chance is inherent in all forms of cycling. It's this diversity and love of a challenge that are the foundations of Morvélo and influence everything we do. It's from this that comes the term 'Ride Everything'.

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