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Morvelo Test Team

Bicycles cover a wide spectrum. The people who love to ride them an even wider one.
When searching for who we wanted to be the Morvelo Test Team, there was one common factor we looked for.
The enjoyment of thrashing the hell out of two wheels.

It's what underpins the Morvelo brand and connects these riders to the bicycle world.
For some of our riders it makes them want to go faster, further, higher. To be the best. A champion.
For others it makes them want to take on new challenges and try new disciplines. To explore and develop.
Just as cyclists are a varied bunch, so are our riders. From dirt jumping to track racing, cyclocross to cycle speedway,
Morvelo Test Team riders embody diversity, commitment and, above all, the sheer enjoyment of riding hard.

As Morvélo reaches different countries, so does the Test Team, selecting riders worldwide who share our vision.
We ask these talented and diverse range of riders to give our products a sound thrashing and to report back to us in a never
ending cycle of prototypes > feedback > production > feedback > new prototype > feedback. Incorporating this vital feedback
every step of the way means we are confident on how our products fit, how they perform and how they withstand abuse.