Sometimes we think the Pros have it easy. Paid to train, race and travel, what life could be more straight forward? The dedicated amateur on the other hand has to juggle work and family around a rigorous training and racing schedule without the financial reward, simply fuelled by the love of racing bikes. Of course it isn't actually an easy life as a Pro and the pressures are immense, but what it does highlight is how much dedication a top amateur racer has. The list of training and races excuses available to the amateur is long, so there is extra kudos for actually getting out there and doing it. Racing week in and week out then back to work on Monday.

Morvélo Basso RT has been created to support these dedicated racers. From the experienced Elite level to young 3rd Cat upstarts, a Masters National Criterium Champion to passionate racers rapidly working their way up the ladder. The team focuses on supporting these athletes throughout the ranks and enabling them to take part in National road and track racing throughout the country and occasional forays overseas.

It's not entirely altruistic. The team offer Morvélo an excellent environment in which to test existing products and develop new ones. Amateur racers are notoriously hard on kit, perfectly demonstrated by their first team training ride in the howling British wind and rain.

Follow their exploits over the 2017 season via the team website:

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