The ‘F’ Words No.4


The finishing of the product is the part you notice after the initial “That looks nice” and then quickly becomes the part where you think “Oh that is nice!”. More often than not you’re struck by the visual design first and then on closer inspection see those finishing details that confirms this is the product for you. Zips, grippers, labels, seams, stitching, reflective detailing are such things that come under finishing. Peoples buying decisions are based on a wide range of factors but sometimes it’s the smaller details that matter. These could even be details that our customers don’t even realise but make us confident in our products and happy to sell them.

Because we’re not a high end brand with high prices, we can’t drill down into finishing as much as we would like, but that doesn’t stop us from creating a well thought out and solid range. As we develop we are putting an increasing amount of attention into finishing, with our Autumn Winter 2013 collection having some lovely touches that we seem to find ourselves obsessing about.

Heat seal labels, for example, are very common in sports clothing but the new heat seal labels we’re developing have a lovely fine rubberised finish. Still very thin for minimum irritation but also super flexible and they have a superb matt rubber finish. Not that we expect you to go around feeling neck labels. That would just be weird. More than likely it will pass most people by but to us, and those that notice, it becomes a little beacon saying that we’re paying attention.

Other finishing details have features that many overlook, or might not even know exists. All our current range of jerseys feature cam-lock zips. Again these aren’t particularly unusual, but they have a purpose and functionality that we love, which is why we use them. Open out the puller half way and the zip can be easily undone with just one hand, simply by pulling slightly on the jersey. Flick the puller shut (as it’s spring loaded) and it locks the zip in place. Simple and very effective.


Finishing also goes to the very fine detail of trimming loose threads, making sure the cut of the fabric is neat, checking that the stitching is correct. Small details that don’t impair the performance of the clothing but are much needed. Like dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, finishing makes sure our customers know that things haven’t been rushed and that we take pride in what we do.

Writer and expert