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September 27, 2019 2 min read

Take a look at our latest collection and you’ll see a whole raft of vibrant new designs, but that’s not all that’s changed around here. Regulars may already have spotted this, but for those who haven’t: we’ve lowered our prices by as much as 30%. The products are pretty much unchanged, with the same high standard of materials and the same high standard of build – they simply cost less to buy. So how did we do it?

Over the past decade, Morvelo has grown [happily] and changed a lot [mostly good but not always]. When we set out in 2008 we wanted it to be a cycle apparel brand for everyone. As the business grew amazing opportunities came our way and, while there are no regrets, the brand had digressed a little from the original blueprint as we sought to become an all encompassing global cycle apparel company. Since then we have also had Brexit and the plummet in the value of Sterling. As a small, bootstrapped independent we simply couldn’t absorb this increase in our costs so our prices went up, much against our wishes.

A few years ago these pressures and strains forced us step back and re-evaluate the business. We were at a crossroads. One path was to take investment, grow the team, expand the business and relinquish control. The other was to remain small and focus on what really matters to us: customer loyalty, inventive products, creative design and a passion for cycling. 

Our new pricing structure is us getting back to basics and ensuring that the people who gave us our success in the first place are the people who are best served, because keeping things humble is sustainable in every sense of the word. It's taken us several years of working behind the scenes, paring back unnecessary extras, working smarter and tightening bolts across the whole business. We’ve been reducing spend on marketing (pro team sponsorship was a dream, but it’s not at the core of why we do this). We’ve streamlined our production: having fewer suppliers gives us better cost prices which we can pass on to you, and we’re producing smaller runs of stock to reduce surplus and waste. 

We still enjoy being small, still proud to be independent and still choose to be self-financed. Most importantly we’re still run by people who ride every day (all of us ride to work), but who don’t take themselves too seriously when out on the bike. After all, cycling is first and foremost fun, and from the outset Morvélo has been about good times without the attitude. We hope our new pricing enables more people to show this side of cycling and encourage others to take it up. Whether you are new to cycling, an experienced racer, or anything in between - this new era of Morvélo is here for you all.



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