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February 11, 2019 1 min read

You know we love racing, right? Who doesn't love the feeling of going as fast as you can? Well now we can help you go faster! Say hello to your new best friend - the MONO, or to give an appropriate nod to the inventors, the SpeedSuit.


We have absolutely no scientific data to support our claims that MONO will make you faster. No wind tunnel testing. No Pro Teams to try it out in glittering international TTs. No overwhelmingly confusing technical data. All we can tell you is that you'll feel as fast as as Nibali plunging down a mountain with a Grand Tour at stake.

Most Speedsuits are probably worn by such serious people that they would only ever consider black, which is what most come in. Luckily many people, like us, don't take themselves too seriously so the Mono comes in designs that scream speed.

We could go on about how we use multiple fabrics to help increase aerodynamics and breathability blah blah blah but what's the point? You'll look fast and feel fast. And that, in our view, is the point.