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There's a lot to like about Alpkit and not just their astonishingly good array of products aimed at the outdoors market. Set up by a group of friends who loved the outdoors, climbing, cycling and seemingly anything else that involved not being indoors, they have an ever loyal following. We kept on hearing about them through friends, especially our close friend John Ross who's the kind of mentalist that cycles across Alaska in the snow and dark and thinks it's quite good fun. Needless to say he's sponsored by them.

The idea of a collaborative jersey came about when Oli (from Morvelo) met Jim (from Alpkit) in the pissing rain and mud that was Mountain Mayhem 2012. It seemed appropriate given the nature of Alpkit's products. So once we got dry and rinsed the mud out of our kit we set to work designing a jersey for them. Our inspiration came from geometric patterns and the mountains. To combine both into a strong graphical form that combines Alpkits colours and the environment in which they are used.

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