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Retrobike / Charlie Kelly

Everyone likes old skool and none more so than Retrobike and ourselves. Fat Tire Flyer was the original mountainbike magazine co-founded in 1980 by one of the pioneers of Mountain Biking Charlie Kelly. Within it's pages of some classic imagery of early days off-road action and this cover from May/June 1984, a bike pile after one of the customary early April "Derby's" in Marin County, sums up the care free, fun loving attitude of the time. Retrobike and Morvélo liked it some much they got in contact with Charlie Kelly to see if they could run a limited edition t-shirt of it. Not only did he say yes, but he also re-scanned in the cover of the original for them to use. His fee? "Just make sure you send me one of the t-shirts!" he said. Still a legend. Just 100 of the t-shirts were made making it almost as had to find as the original magazine itself.

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