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Tokyo Fixed

Tokyo Fixed started as a web only shop in Tokyo, 2006. They opened their shop front in the heart of London’s Soho in November 2009 and choose products from all over the world aimed not only for cycling but for cycling people. Small quality brands who have a passion for both style and function. This ethos has meant the store has the best selection of eclectic and varied products, all crammed in to a den of a bicycle worship. You could get lost for hours and it's one of the most exciting cycle shop in the UK, which now also produce and great line in road and track bikes.

Tokyo Fixed are one of our main and original stockists and we're been speaking to Max constantly about bikes, bike events (we sponsored the UK's first fixed gear crit The Hunt) and realised very quickly that we thought the same way. Bike riding and racing needn't be stuck in the traditional mold. It can be passionate, aggressive and competitive but at the same time lighthearted and fun. With this in mind we have now launched a joint cycle club, Tokyo Morvelo CC , which encompasses these values and welcomes people who, like us, feel that a traditional cycle club doesn't cater for them.

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