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Morvelo Customer Services

Customer Services


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Ordering and Payment

Buying Morvélo products is easy and convenient. Orders can be placed online for delivery to the UK, USA and most international destinations. Orders are processed in one of the following currencies: UK pounds, US dollars, Euros or Australian dollars. The currency is based on the delivery address. 


Morvélo offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over £100 / $150 AUD / $150 USD / €100 EUR. Please visit the Morvélo shipping section for our full range of rates and estimated delivery times.

Returns and Refunds

We're not only passionate about cycling and design but more importantly quality. Morvélo offers a free 90-day returns policy for products bought on the Morvélo website. Please visit the Morvélo returns section for details.

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

The collection and storage of personal information submitted to Morvélo is governed by the UK Data Protection Act (2003). This means your details will not be divulged to third parties and we will not send you promotional information, by e-mail or post, unless you agree to it. Under the Data Protection Act, you retain the right to access and modify any data about you held by Morvélo. When you visit the website, or when you register your details or purchase from, you agree to be governed by Morvélo terms and conditions.

Company Information

Morvélo is a trademark of Morvélo Bicycle Apparel Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales, company number: 6553825

Registered office address:

Morvélo Bicycle Apparel Ltd.
28 Fourth Avenue
United Kingdom