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About the Doorstep Epic

The History

At the 2013 centenary edition of the Tour de France three friends, Oli, George and Jo, decided to try and become members of The Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux a day after Chris Froome's spectacular victory atop the iconic mountain. This informal club is made up of cyclists who have been willing to pit themselves against the might of the mountain by climbing and descending Ventoux via the three main roads up from Bédoin, Malaucène, and Sault all in one day, meaning 136 km of pedaling with 4443 metres of climbing. It was by all accounts a full and epic day out, perfectly captured by Jo in his excellent article for - Ventoux Three.

The Doorstep Epic Concept

When they returned to the UK, they considered why such adventures always seem to be in different parts of the world or even different parts of the same country and why they are normally pre-made. Cycling is a perfect tool for freedom and exploration. Why then, is it often given to others to determine what the challenge should be? Whether that be a Strava challenge, a sportive or such an open invitation such as The Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux. With some imagination, creativity and a map, a challenging adventure can also be found right outside your front door.

The Trilogy

We can all become complacent about our local roads or trails, or even ride the same regular loops, only venturing further afield to planned rides, races or events. Doorstep Epic is a reaction to pre-determined challenges and pre-made far flung rides instead looking to find extra satisfaction in the pursuit of a challenge you have created and the patience and exploration that entails. Oli, George and Jo decided that they would challenge themselves to create their own epics starting and finishing on their doorstep. These three films document their pursuit to bring home some of the inspiration found on the slopes of Ventoux.