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Morvélo Basso RT

With an unbridled love of racing, Morvélo Basso includes a broad range of riders. From the experienced Elite level to young 3rd Cat upstarts, a Masters National Criterium Champion to passionate racers rapidly working their way up the ladder. A serious amateur racer's life is no easy task, juggling full time jobs, family and work in amongst training, racing and travelling. It's this dedication that Morvélo and Basso applaud and why the team focuses on supporting these racers throughout the ranks.



Morvélo Bird Enduro Team

Partnering the UK's brightest new bike brand, Bird Cycleworks, Francie Arthur, Tomas Kupstys, Charles Griffith and Josh Cutts will be racing on the Gravity Enduro circuit. Bird, like Morvélo, designs, tests and develops all its products in Britain with a focus on doing things differently. With regular podium places across several categories Morvélo Bird is a familiar face on the scene and looks to build on this success.



Morvélo Worldwide Test Team

Bicycles cover a wide spectrum. The people who love to ride them an even wider one. When searching for Morvélo Test Team riders, there is a common factor we look for. The enjoyment of thrashing the hell out of two wheels.

It's the foundations of Morvélo and what connects these riders to the bicycle world. For some of our riders it makes them want to go faster, further, higher. To be the best. A champion. For others it makes them want to take on new challenges and try new avenues. To explore and develop. Cyclists are a varied bunch and so are our riders. From dirt jumping to track racing, cyclocross to cycle speedway, Morvélo Test Team riders embody diversity, commitment and the sheer enjoyment of riding fast.