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We're serious about our passion for cycling but importantly don't take ourselves seriously. We believe cycling should be fun, vibrant, creative and exciting. We're not about suffering. We're not about machismo. We're about good times on two wheels.

Cycling is for everyone, and so is Morvélo. 



When we started Morvélo we had no big plan, simply a desire to do something that we loved and hopefully watch it grow. Even as the brand expanded and the team grew we have always wanted to keep things small and focus on what really matters: Design (Dave and Oli), Product Development (Martin) and Customer Service (Danni). So that people hear about us we also needed someone to handle Marketing (Jack) and someone great with numbers and spreadsheets (Sue) so we don’t topple over. Plus the dogs. And that’s all of us. In this age of big business, mergers and buyouts we like to buck the trend and remain deliberately small.

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Self-funded from the start, we put everything back into Morvélo to keep doing what we love. We pride ourselves on our independence. We follow our hearts, develop the products we truly believe in, and still can’t get over the buzz when we see someone wearing Morvélo. For us, it’s still like the early days when we sold just to friends and family. Every Morvélo purchase made is directly felt and appreciated by all of us at Morvélo and as such, customer satisfaction is paramount. After all, no-one likes to let down their friends.

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When we started Morvélo we didn’t have much of an idea about anything other than our love of bikes, so it’s fair to say sustainability wasn’t high on our agenda. Fast forward a few years and we now know it’s something we absolutely have to, and want to, make a priority.

We have always worked closely with our suppliers to look after their workers, and to minimise waste during production, but we are wanting to go further and make much bigger steps to make Morvélo as responsible and environmentally healthy as possible. We have already taken the first steps, such as making our packaging with D2W biodegradable plastic and using sustainable paper posting bags that are easily recycled, and we have some other exciting plans ahead. There is so much more to do and we are completely focused on doing it.

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Our designs combine bike culture with pop culture, exploring themes that run through the cycling world and combine them with the wider influence of sport, art, music, fashion and film to create products that are not only highly technical and performance driven but also visually unique. Alongside developing products we love putting our creativity into films and events, including the now infamous Morvélo Battle Royale and Morvélo City Cross

We regularly work on collaboration collections with everyone from renowned spray paint artist Death Spray Custom to iconic fashion designer Paul Smith. Our collaborations take us on some amazing journeys, enabling us develop new products and evolve our trademark strong graphical style.

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