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Jersey Guide

Morvélo Jersey Guide

Want to show style, attitude and individuality out on your ride? Then cycle jerseys are where you start. Forget matching the colour of your headset spacers to your seat clamp, if you really want people to take notice, you’ll be needing a sweet looking jersey. Style is nothing without substance, which is why our jerseys win awards, have 5 star ratings from our customers and are designed to cover scorching hot summer road racing to cool laid back gravel adventures. Here’s our guide, but if you get stuck, just email or call us. We’re here to help.


The Rider Says:

A jersey that is good for all the year. We mean it. Ideal for the cool of spring and autumn it can also be layered up under a gilet or jacket in winter. Versatility was key when we designed the ThermoActive so relaxed summer evening rides and commutes are also it’s bag.

The Tech Says:

Mid-weight thermal. Soft fleece lining. 180gm fabric.

Temperature Range: 6°-15°C / 43-59°F


The Rider Says:

Everyone goes on about Merino and rightly so. Super comfy whether warm or cool, it’s the kind of jersey you’ll go back to time and time again. Trouble is, it can be a bit bland and that isn’t us at all. So we put a Morvélo spin on it, creating a fabric that is 100% merino against the skin but has a polyester outer that we can sublimate our graphics into. Great looking, with the magic of merino. The best of both worlds.

The Tech Says:

The miracle merino fabric keeps you warm when cold and cool when hot. 100% merino against the skin. Polyester outer face gives greater structural integrity and support. 160gm fabric.

Temperature Range: 6°-20°C / 43-68°F



Luxury fabrics and lots of pockets with small details such as zip guard, two piece collar and supersoft grippers which make a day in the saddle that much more pleasurable. As well as 3 rear pockets and a hidden zipped 4th pocket, there is also a side pocket for energy food such as gels or donuts.


Premium Italian fabrics. Open weave rear panel for breathability. Custom grippers with soft silicone print. 140gm fabric.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: 15°-30°C / 59-86°F



These should be our most basic jerseys but we can’t stop ourselves improving them, which is why they now have raw cut sleeves for pure, simple, comfy arm-fitting goodness. We also swapped the fabric at the back of the jersey to one that moves sweat away from your skin faster than Thrust 2 (or insert a post 1997 high speed reference here). Available in so many designs it makes our merchandiser cry.


Three grades of polyester: regular front and sides, aero sleeves, fast wicking rear. 135gm fabric.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: 15°-30°C / 59-86°F


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