About Morvélo

We are serious about our passion for cycling but importantly don't take ourselves seriously. We believe cycling should be fun, vibrant, creative and exciting. We are not about suffering.... We are not about machismo. We are about good times on two wheels. Cycling is for everyone, and so is Morvélo.

Trying to be better

We follow our hearts, develop the products we truly believe in, and still can't get over the buzz when we see someone wearing Morvélo. For us, it's still like the early days when we sold just to friends and family. Every Morvélo purchase made is directly felt and appreciated by all of us at Morvélo and as such, customer satisfaction is paramount. After all, no one likes to let down their friends.

Doing things differently

Our designs combine bike culture with pop culture, exploring themes thatrun through the cycling world and combine them with the wider influence of sport, art, music, fashion & film to create products that are not only highly technical and performance driven but also visually unique. Alongside developing products we love putting our creativty into films and events, including the now famous Morvélo Battle Royale and Morvélo City Cross. We regularly work on collaberation collections with everyone from renowned spray artist Death Spray Custom to iconic fashion designer Paul Smith. Our collaberations take us on some amazing journeys, enabling us to develop new products and evolve our trademark graphic style.