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February 11, 2019 1 min read


Aroe is a name that is well known and respected in the graffiti world. Hailing from the UK, he has the honour of being part of the World Famous graffiti crew MSK (Mad Society Kings) who operate out of Los Angeles. It is our privilege to be able to feature his work on a very limited run of Morvélo Road and MTB Jerseys. Forgoing any digital manipulation the cycle jerseys use only the custom artwork created by Aroe, demonstrating his skill with the spray can and his ability to use an array of colours to create striking and unique pieces.

Aroe is a true graffiti purist, everything he does is hand painted; he would never dream of using sacrilegious tools such as stencils or projectors to create his work. He has left his mark all over the world, painting on every continent and leaving some of the most unique pieces of graffiti around.

We were honoured to work with such a talent and visited him last year when he spent some time creating a collection of very special one off pieces of art for Morvélo.

“Graffiti has given me many things but above all, a sense of knowing that if I want something – there’s nothing that will stop me from achieving my goal.” AROE MSK


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