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January 17, 2020 1 min read

In early 2019, Isla Short – an exceptional XC rider – stepped well clear of the traditional pro team set-up to carve her own path. Her own equipment choices, nutrition choices, but most importantly her own set of goals. Brands she felt a genuine affinity with were also invited along for the ride and luckily for us, Morvélo (and our sister brand The Overland) was part of that list. 

Out of all the cycle and outdoor brands, the fact that she chose small, independent brands such as ours was a powerful moment. She is a rare breed: someone who thinks independently and is permanently stoked to simply be riding bikes – let alone racing them in World Cups. 

Sole, a film by her chosen bike sponsor Orbea, documents her journey and life on the road as an independent. It's a demonstration that you can – with enough will and passion – dictate a life on your own terms.

Also a special mention is deserved for Euan Camlin, her mechanic/supporter/fixer who features in the film and is also an Overland ambassador. Another Scottish, talented and enthusiastic all-round bike rider – you have to wonder if there's something in the water up there!