The Morvélo Basso Team have just returned from the month long Tour Series. They were privileged to be asked to compete in the full 10 rounds of the series which is now in it's 9th year (it started coincidentally the same year as Morvélo). It provides a unique competition, with the top UK Pro teams and top amateur teams racing on the city streets of Britain during May. Morvélo Basso was created to give dedicated amateurs, from experienced Elite level to young 3rd Cat upstarts, support throughout the ranks; providing them with the opportunity to compete in the UK's biggest domestic races. We hear from the team what it is really like to travel the country racing bikes against the Pros.


Having a couple of days of reflection on the Tour Series I'm immensely proud of the team who gave it everything on every round. Our support staff who gave up their time to make our riders do the best they can. It will be known as the wet Tour Series but we won't complain as we loved every minute of it! One thing you learn from 3 weeks of racing is that you have to be a unit, a team to achieve anything and that's exactly what we have at Morvélo Basso.




The Tour Series is the best bike racing there is. It's also the wettest! Seriously though it's the fastest, most exciting and crowd friendly, perfect for TV. I've gained so much experience. Not just tyre pressures & widths but how to work the crowds and get the most out of my racing, enjoying it as much as possible and getting every last watt of energy out of myself for me and the team. The best part of this series is working on the team dynamic so we get the best out of each other. I've learned where I fall short in terms of the racing and have a plan to be way more competitive next year! For now can't wait to take the experience and put it to good use helping defend my National title.




What an event to be involved with! Incredibly hard racing against the best Crit riders in the U.K. if not the world. I knew we would be in for some tough nights but we managed to keep our heads above water to complete all 10 rounds. By far the best round was Aberdeen, great crowds, locations and circuit (helped by the weather) gave a great race and my best result and best team result. Taking on all 10 rounds was a big ask for seasoned amateur but I'm glad I said yes as it was an awesome experience. I think we've all learnt a lot for sure, bike set up, holding positions and pushing your body way further than ever before. Incredibly tired now and in need of a much earned rest.




For me this year's Tour Series was a real positive, as a team we worked great together, as for an individual result I would have liked a little more. Redditch and Aberdeen stand out for me personally due to local support and a fantastic venue with the locals going the extra mile to get behind the race.




It was amazing to see everyone giving so much time and effort to make it work for the team, the respect we gained from Pro teams on the circuit and in the paddock and the relationships that developed within the team and between us, the organisers and the public. We have come out of it stronger if a bit tired.




As an experience it was really great. Of the rounds I raced each course offered something different, whether it was technical corners or fast straights. The biggest impact was the atmosphere generated by the fans. Electric.




My role is to take care of the riders cares and needs including massage during the build up to the race thus ensuring they can concentrate on what matters most. The Tour Series has been a fantastic team environment where everyone has worked for the good of the team which has resulted in a great team atmosphere laying the foundations that will enable Morvelo Basso to enhance its growing reputation. Its cliche to say that it was a learning experience but the Tour Series really was. Its so different to all other races, the fight for the front is more intense and the racing harder than you can imagine from just watching a TV screen.




My first round at Northwich gave me great insight into how to ride the next rounds. Unfortunately in Bath i saw the low side, in a crash very early on which took me out. Then back with a more enjoyable experience, finding myself in a group with 3 other teammates, and time trialing ourselves into the ground as a real unit to minimise any time loss. Overall I have been really grateful for the experience thanks to the team. I cant wait to get back into the circus that is the Tour Series next year with the experience behind us and ready to go up another step.




I think that as a first time doing all of the rounds we made a good attempt. With regards to my feelings on the racing, I think we didn't show too badly. We were always up against it when you look at the teams we were racing. I definitely learnt a lot for next time, about training before and during the period.




First of all great experience, good fun even though very hard to get involved. I did get very frustrated as results were not matching my true ability. Best stage had to be Aberdeen. It was a packed city centre, nice weather every thing a good race needs. Worst is always Durham due to the horrid off camber bottom corner! The rest were mainly good despite the rain, just my ability and confidence letting me down a bit.